Monday, 5 October 2009

Those Dancing Days...

It's a national holiday today and so rather than spending the day on the internet S and I are off to Mafra to enjoy some 'cultcha'.

I have to get something off my chest...

I am in love with a group of Swedish girls...I've already confessed my love of the Swedish and my love of female artists so it's only natural that I should love Those Dancing Days were recommended to me some time last year by my old housemate Pedro whose ear for a perfect indie-pop tune is as finely honed as anybody's.

Stupidly at the time of his recommendation I was probably in the midsts of some doom laden post-rock phase and had no time for the retro 60s girl group/northern soul vibe of Those Dancing Days and, even worse, because of this I missed seeing them live in Lisbon. (One of those all too rare Lisbon indie gigs.)

Anyway, suffice to say these girls are rarely out of my playlists now and happily enough S doesn't seem to mind my infatuation...weirdly enough she seems to share it...I was always suspicious of those comfortable shoes she wears...

So here are Those Dancing Days - You have to see the video to see just how beautiful these girls are.

Those Dancing Days - Hitten

Those Dancing Days - Run Run

Those Dancing Days - I Know Where You Live

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