Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Hockey cokey...

After something old, something new.

Hailing from that indie hotbed, Portland, Hockey (yeah, makes Google a bloody nightmare) are going to release their debut album, Mind Chaos, on Virgin on the 28th September.

Put some shoes on lads!  You're going to catch your death of cold!
(The guy on the far right looks like Robert Webb!)

I got a bit of a sneak preview last night and it's a really nice album, walking that fine line between Strokes guitar anthems and the latest wave of understated electro-pop (I suppose that means they come out as something like Phoenix and that wouldn't be far off the mark). It's a very reassured and confident debut that is sure to have a few dancable singles. That said I'm not sure about their choice of Learn to Lose as a single, I prefer the funkier tracks like Too Fake and Curse This City.

Hockey - Too Fake

Hockey - Song Away

Hockey - Learn To Lose

Hockey - Curse This City

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