Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Trouble on the Streets of Lisbon...

So we leave sleepy Lisbon, where nothing much ever happens, for a few days and when we return a scandal has broken. Beloved indie-punk noisemen No Age were jumped by bouncers as they tried to enter a club in town.

No mention is made of the club in the various reports I've read but wise money points to this being Jamaica (in fact their own facebook page has received comments). Apparently when the Americans tried to enter the club they were informed that the management wished to keep out 'English' and when the band attempted some form of negotiation this happened:

If this is the kind of reaction tourists are getting in Lisbon's nightspots then I think it needs to be publicised more widely until the clubs decide to do something about it and the meatheads they employ get some proper training.

Fuller accounts of the incident can be read HERE and HERE.

When not getting beat up No Age make some pretty amazing music too:

No Age - Boy Void

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