Thursday, 21 January 2010

Chew Lips...

Musical comparisons are invariably cruel to one of the parties, they immediately conjure impressions of unoriginality and derivativeness, yet I think given the obvious factors with Chew Lips (i.e. a girl fronted electro pop group) it's better to clear the La Roux in the air from the off.

Aside from the the most superficial similarities (I notice that Tig is of late no longer a redhead!) the similarities with the angular, gritty, and sometimes abrasive, La Roux can largely be dispensed with. What Chew Lips offer instead is a much softer, more rounded take on synth pop. There are still dancable pop nuggets but there are also a few more instances of introspection.

Tig is an amazing singer and this band deserve some real success this year.

Unicorn by Chew Lips is released on the 25th January by Kitsuné

Chew Lips - Play Together

Chew Lips - Slick

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