Monday, 14 December 2009

I love Stewart Lee...

Stewart Lee is, apparently, the 41st best stand up ever. Or at least that is according to a recent channel 4 poll and consequently the title of his recent UK tour.

There is an argument that since the deaths of Bill Hicks and, more recently, George Carlin there isn't a great deal of angry, effective and funny political comedy. There is a great strain of political satire that runs through British political comedy (from Mock The Week to The Thick of It) and this is still of a great quality but as far as explicit and genuine ideology presented in an amusing way then I struggle to think of anyone and certainly no-one who comes near the ability of Stewart Lee.

As well as being a damn good comedian Lee is also blessed with being a huge fan of The Fall, in fact the one time I have seen him live he was introducing The Fall in Manchester. Lee is the author of the chapter on The Fall in the Wire Primers series.

Stewart Lee on political correctness

Stewart Lee on islamic taboos

Stewart Lee on dreams

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