Friday, 23 October 2009

Sight and Sound...

One of the best things about returning to the UK is that it allows me to get my hands on a copy of the latest edition of Sight & Sound. This is the official magazine of the British Film Institute. It always has excellent interviews, articles and (most importantly) reviews of all the mainstream and a significant number of independent films released that month.

The magazine can be found in Lisbon but it's like gold dust. There is one papelaria near me that stocks it but we never get there when they still have it in stock.

This month's edition has a big feature on Wes Anderson who happens to be one of my favourite directors (and yes, I don't care that all his films are basically the same film) and his new flick - Fantastic Mr Fox.

The review of the film wasn't particularly good but I'm still looking forward to seeing it.

Fantastic Mr Fox (2009) - Wes Anderson


  1. thanks for reminding me of this. sort of forgot.

  2. It's a great magazine, I was so tempted to fork out for the international subscription but I'm a little poor.

    (or did you mean Fantastic Mr Fox?)

  3. i meant the movie, but come to think of it i havent bought this magazine for at least ten years. now that my subscription to the new yorker has ended, ive lost touch with the world of magazines altogether. it's sad really. going online to look at art in american just isnt the same as sitting in the library with it in your hands, and yet, i do it anyway.