Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Memory Tapes...

If there's one thing that I love more than the mp3 (those little 1s and 0s that let you listen to music anywhere you like) it's the cassette tape.

I didn't own a CD player until I was about 16 and so everything before then was on tape. My first album was bought on tape, my first mixes were naturally mixtapes in the true sense and in my mother's attic there is still a box of old crackly cassettes full of the most random sounds I could get from the radio.

In honour of those tapes of yore here are some other memory tapes:

Memory Tapes - Graphics

Memory Tapes - Plain Material

Memory Tapes - Green Knight


  1. Memory Tapes - Seek Magic

  2. I see a Disco Mic Club cassette there! I got the collection from the Radio Luxembourg DJ Tony Prince in the late seventies or eighties (early). Indeep and other disco mixes wow! Regards Rui do lisbonlifestyle.blogspot e do