Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I'm back!...

OK, So I'm back in Lisbon. This means:

  • I have a couple of emails inboxes full of emails.
  • I've barely listened to a note of music since I left Lisbon (I can hardly convince my Grandma that what I listen to is music, let alone have her listen along to it).
  • I have about a thousand things to do regarding work and other related things.
  • I have become the new 'Spotter' for Lisbon's Spotted By Locals (My picture's not up yet).
  • It's pouring down with rain here and my feet are wet.
  • We have the second installment of BurnTheJukebox in 3 days time!!!
It's not time to panic yet...not yet.

Fela Kuti & Afrika 7 - Zombie


  1. You're lucky to be in Lisbon...I wish I could live there, but I must wait!

  2. Wait for what? You know there's quite a good clubnight just getting on its feet here.