Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A weakness for women...

I have to confess one of my big weakness's a weakness for women.

Often introduced to these sirens by the wonderful of work done by Helen of Troy, a Manchester based blog that focuses on female musicians and artists.

Here are a couple of recent favourites:

Amanda Blank - Might Like you Better <- Sleezy glam electro who has prompted a huge backlash against vacuous artists. Obviously I love it.

MPHO - Box N Locks
<- South African born, UK raised. Poppy RnB, S wasn't convinced at all when I played her this track a few months ago but I got the album and there's some good dancable tracks on there.

You're Only Massive - Under The Neon <- HoT said it best, CSS meets Peaches in a lo-fi disco shoutathon.

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