Friday, 11 September 2009

Mission of Burma...

So Mission of Burma, responsible for some of my favourite songs ever, have, since their 2002 reunion, now decided to double the output they achieved in their original incarnation. Prior to their 19 year haiatus they had managed a solitary studio album, an EP and a couple of singles. The 6th October sees the release of the band's third album since 2002, The Sound The Speed The Light, and I got a a quick listen of it last night.

The release of each new MoB album is always greeted by me with something approaching trepidation. Whilst OnOffOn and the Obliterati are damn good albums in their own right I can never help comparing with the original album and EP and I don't think they compare very favourably. One of the great charms of MoB was always that they had produced so little and what they had was great. It's pretty mean spirited of me to say so but I just feel like they're diluting it now with stuff that just doesn't live up to the ideal.

One thing I will be forever grateful to the reunion for is that it allowed me to see them live. They were one of the highlights of last year's Primavera Sound.

I was going to do something of a career retrospective here but you know what? I really can't be bothered, here instead are a few of my favourites:

Mission of Burma - Academy Fight Song

Mission of Burma - That's How i Escaped My Certain Fate

Mission of Burma - The Ballad of Johnny Burma

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