Monday, 24 August 2009

In memoriam...

Today we mourn the loss of a dear dear friend.

Last Thursday at approximately 9:45 the right headphone on my iPod stopped working. Despite a headphone transplant all attempts at resuscitation were unsuccessful and stereo output was never regained.

It's a sad time for all of us but we have to accept the flaws in Apple products as a fact of life and get on with our own lives, as hard is this might be. It's tempting to dwell on how the full potential of such a short life was never fulfilled (I still had 30Gb of his 120Gb harddrive to fill, and I had never even tried the video function), or to imagine what could've been (we had, on occasion, talked about getting a DJ dock and starting a night together), but all this is ultimately fruitless and it is at times like these when we should concentrate on the joy and happiness that they have brought to your lives. I'll always have the memories of our long walks together, the trips we took and the soft touch of the scroll wheel.

Plus it's still under guarantee so we're off to Colombo this week to get a replacement :o)

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